Mama of two little girls, lover of old film cameras, proud partner to my husband/love of my life/biggest fan. We don't have it all figured out, but we love our life together more than we ever could have imagined. 

I love weddings because I know what's on the other side of one of the biggest days of your life - the day to day, perfectly imperfect little moments with the people we love. Friday pizza nights. Inside jokes. The ebbs and flows of everyday life. 

 Because those little moments between you and the people you love - that's the beating heart of it. Human connection & emotion will always be my main priority as a photographer.

I approach every wedding day with this sensibility. Photographing the atmosphere, the vibes, the little moments you didn't even know were happening, right along with all the big, grand ones too.

meet Sarah

I'm a sentimentalist obsessed with preserving all of your favorite moments - from marriage, to parenthood, and everything in between.

And I'd love to capture yours.

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A few of my favorite things




My girls. Incredibly proud of these two and so thankful I get to be their mama & experience life with them. I swear they teach me new things every day. They are also my little muses & I love capturing their personalities on film around our house.

Traveling.  It's opened my mind, my palette, and my perceptions. I love exploring new places with my family and watching my girls experience new sights & cultures. I also love traveling for couples - please reach out if you're planning a destination wedding!

Costa Rica. This country holds a special place in our hearts for so many reasons. At this point it feels like a second home to us and we will find ANY excuse to spend more time with our girls in the land of Pura Vida. 

This guy. I swear he makes the best Old Fashioned on the planet. My other half, the best dad, and my favorite person to spend time with. Some of our fav things include exploring Pittsburgh's new restaurants together, biking/hiking, and collapsing on the couch after a long day of parenting to watch Ted Lasso.

Taylor & Matt

Sarah has an incredible talent of taking photos that look classic, romantic, and timeless. She did an awesome job of capturing the many emotions that were felt during our wedding day. Looking at our photos it is like we were there again in those tender moments. Not only is Sarah an incredible photographer but she was a great hype woman as well! Her kind and fun personality made it so easy for my husband and I to feel totally comfortable to be ourselves.

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